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My Life with a Soldier: Eda's Story

Pain and Passion: The Lives and Times of Frederick Funston and Eda Blankhart

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The Falcon and the Dove

Berlin Rendezvous

Rhythms of War: Rhymes from Vietnam and other excursions

Homeward Bound: Americas Veterans Return from War

Prodigals: A Vietnam Story

Shadow War, Edited and compiled by LtCol. Tom Hayden - Chapter XII Planning for Low Intensity Campaigns

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My Life with a Soldier: Eda's Story is developed from research into Pain and Passion, their combined biography. Although events closely follow research, this account is deemed as fictional because the author filled in with presumed thoughts and actions based on writings by and about her life in Funston's book, her own magazine and newspaper reporting, and letters. Eda's story is a companion piece to Pain and Passion.

"Pain and Passion: The Lives and Times of Frederick Funston and Eda Blankhart" is a biographical account of two remarkable people--an adventurer, mercenary, and heroic soldier, and an attractive and accomplished musician who lived by his side. While this joint biography is more detailed concerning Frederick's life, her story is further developed in a companion piece My Life with a Soldier: Eda's Story.

Almost Eden: "Izzy is a charming, atypical protagonist: a strong, resourceful woman whose role as donut dollie offers a unique view of the war. Having served in Vietnam, Taylor brings sensitivity to the subject, humanizing both combatants and civilians, never sensationalizing the violence, and never allowing the impact to become merely a
backdrop for a love story. Wartime romance that refreshingly forgoes the sentimentality." -- Kirkus Reviews

"...Strong characters and scenes that will keep readers riveted. All the scenes come through as realistic and well developed with powerful phrases and masterful use of language. All of the dialogue is strong and true to each character. I quickly connected with Izzy and found myself pulling for her as the story progressed." -- Judge, 23rd Annual Writer's Digest Self-Published Book Awards.

Return to Eden (Kindle)

Return to Eden
Selected as Finalist in the Georgia Author of the Year Awards, 2014.

"A Sometimes brutal but also heartwarming book about two people who learn life lessons from their war experiences." -- Kirkus Reviews

"...a compelling story about the destiny of two lovers who are driven apart by tragedy resulting from war. The message is powerful throughout the book, and it builds to a crescendo, giving readers that moment of gasping for air." -- Judge, 23rd Writer's Digest Self-Published Book Awards.

Return to Eden
Joshua Armand left Manila in 1901 with only the haunting memory of the beautiful and mysterious Isabella (Eden Lost). When his son, Joe, unearthed long-buried secrets about her in 1940, her spirit moved.

Joe sailed to Manila on business in 1941 and met a red-headed nurse at the cemetery where Isabella was buried. As they fell in love, neither expected to be hurled into a world war, but Japanese struck Pearl Harbor and Luzon and they were trapped as defenses of Bataan and Corregidor collapsed and Manila became a brutally occupied city. To survive until MacArthur's return, they were driven at great risk into mountainous jungles to fight with rugged Philippine guerrillas--with Japanese soldiers and police hot on their trail. Four years of serving with guerrillas brought dangers, troubles, and in spite of everything--enduring love.

Joshua Armand broke his vow and returned to Eden for a rendezvous with his personal destiny where he also discovered that true love transcends time.

Eden Lost--Released by Tate Publishing and Enterprises. This unusual war-time romance is set during the Philippine-American War (1899-1901). Eden Lost is historical fiction what explores how two people attempt to transcend vast cultural differences amid conflict tearing at the sinews of both their countries.
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Rhythms of War
This is a collection of mostly rhyming poetry from experiences in Vietnam, Grenada, Europe, The Philippines, Iraq, and Afghanistan, and after returning from war zones.

Berlin Connection
Published by Amazon as an e-book or print on demand.

The Cold War spanned a generation and split families and friends in Berlin, Germany, Europe, and most of the world into competing spheres of power and influence. Such divisions had to end. People in power could not break down the walls alone--they needed many people with less power to propell the changes. This is their story.

"The Falcon and the Dove"
Published by Amazon as an e-book or print on demand.

Comments of a Judge for Writer's Digest 21st Annual Self-Published Book Awards: "The author obviously has the knowledge and the passion to creat a deeply moving novel about two soldiers. He has good storytelling instincts and has created memorable characters and a compelling narrative."

A troubled son of a Vietnam vet has trouble conforming after the death of his mother and is forced into the army. The rough and tumble life appeals to him and he becomes a sniper. He connects with the All-American girl on a mission to reach her goal of saving lives as an army medic. Together the "killer" and the "savior" form an unlikely symbiotic relationship. The looming question they face is whether they can ever go home again after their experiences.

Homeward Bound: Americas Veterans Return from War
Published by Praeger Security International (Greenwood Publishing Group)in hardcover in 2007. Republished by The Naval Institute Press in paperback in October 2009 as part of the Association of the US Army series.

Veterans have expectations, hopes, and dreams of a better life after putting their lives on the line for their country. Sometimes their aspirations are met, sometimes not. This book is a chronicle of their journey to war and back.

"Recent media and congressional furor concerning the deplorable conditions acing veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan occupations at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center and the less trumpeted difficulties many veterans are facing in receiving adequate care and readjusting to life back home likely came as no surprise to author Taylor, who describes similar situations throughout American history from the Revolutionary War to the present." - Reference & Research Book News, May 2007

"The true lesson of the book is that war changes soldiers; men and women return home to discover combat experiences become a part of their life. ... The heart-wrenching stories of veterans coming home from wars to face larger problems than they experienced in combat provide a backdrop for this contentious issue." - On Point, Summer 2008

"Taylor personally understands why homecoming dreams are so hard to realize. Veterans, those who share in their lives and those who enjoy history will appreciate the insights in 'Homeward Bound.'" - Army, January 2008

Prodigals: A Vietnam Story
Published by Casemate Publishing in 2003. Pre-publication manuscript selected as a winner at the Pikes Peak Writers Conference. Selected as a featured selection by the Military Book Club.

"A genuine and heartfelt account.... A narrative brimming with spirit, persuasive humor, and a bit of melancholy. It is a simultaneously horrifying and intimate, compelling and satisfying. - Casemate

"It was with great interest and not a little trepidation that I picked up ... Taylor's book.... I found a well-written, balanced chronicle that was gung-ho for life and adventure and gristly in the consequences of battle and misadventure. I found a book that, in words, encapsulated the emotions I saw in the faces and tears of those veterans I saw years ago." - Anderson Independent Mail, January 2004

"An excellent, on-the-ground read for anyone interested in command at the platoon to battalion level in combat." - West Point Assembly, March-April 2004

Planning for Low Intensity Conflict Campaigns
This is a single chapter in a primer on Special Operations and Low Intensity Conflicts developed during work on President Reagan's Commission on a Long Term Integrated National Strategy. The chapter is based on an article first appearing in Military Review.

Eden Lost direct from publisher: http:/​/​​bookstore/​book.php?w=9781629021102

Romance, Historical Fiction
Return to Eden is the second part of a generational saga of the Armand lineage. It answers the question in Eden Lost of "What happened to Joshua Armand?" Coming soon--Almost Eden--set in the Philippines and Vietnam.
Historical Romance
Josh Armand, an American entrepreneur, is an eye-witness to history when Commodore Dewey storms into Manila Bay in 1898, sinking the Spanish fleet. He soon encounters the striking mestizo Isabella Germain in Manila and their conflicting worlds collide in a precarious romance as war threatens to devastate their dreams. Josh, interested only in expanding commercial interests under Manifest Destiny, becomes entranced by the enigmatic Isabella. Then he becomes indebted to her when she organizes his rescue from Chinese kidnappers. However, her covert activities in support of Filipino rebels clashes with his loyalties and moral values. War between America and local guerrillas in quest of Philippine independence becomes one of national betrayals and conflicts, straining Josh and Isabella's special relationship to its limits. Their love is sharply tested by cultural divisions, divided allegiances and dangerous circumstances of war. Josh finally commits by helping her try to warn the guerrilla leader, Emilio Aguinaldo, of a raid to capture or kill him. They strive to overcome incalculable dangers and difficulties to find enduring love while Eden lies in peril.
Historical Mainstream Fiction
BERLIN RENDEZVOUS is a gripping account of three “little people” profoundly affected by the Berlin Wall and the military standoff in Europe. Their paths intersect in Berlin just prior to the partition, but powerful adversaries scatter them, shattering their hopes. In time, a changing world draws each of them back to Berlin on different paths. Their steadfast refusal to accept tyranny and strong determination to tear down the intolerable walls dividing them makes a suspenseful, sympathetic narrative.
Mainstream/Literary Fiction
The former novel, "The Raptor and the Mourning Dove," was retired, edited, a new cover and title added, and republished as "The Falcon and the Dove." Historical problems soldiers have faced after leaving the battlefields are portrayed in a modern setting. Are our lives predestined, or are we masters of our fate?
Military History
Summary of the experiences of American Veterans upon returning from battle from the American Revolution to the present Global War onTerror.
Wartime Autobiography
This is the story of one soldier's experience in two Vietnam Wars: an advisor during Tet 1968 and a company commander with the 1st Cavalry Division's storied 7th Cavalry in the waning days of the conflict.
ChapterXII in Shadow Wars
A model of integrated planning for low intensity counterinsurgency campaigns.

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